The International Rescue Committee

As the Executive Producer of the International Rescue Committee, I was responsible for all video content which included the creative approach, staffing and best practices for distribution, for all outlets including various social media, YouTube and all events.

Leadership in Times of Crisis 

On May 20, 2021, the IRC asked audiences to join a virtual event, “Leadership in Times of Crisis” to celebrate the vital work of IRC teams and the people it serves. The profile pieces within the event are good examples of how client stories were told with respect and hope. I created the format and content structure. This event raised over ten million dollars and won several Anthem Awards. The agency was Situation Interactive.

World Refuge Day (WRD)

Every year the IRC promotes World Refugee Day with a global campaign. The videos serve as a centerpiece for the campaign and are published across all channels. 

WRD 2017: #More Than a Refugee

For this campaign, produced with Flying Object, I established a partnership with YouTube which paired well established YouTube influencers with IRC programs in the field. The result was a series of videos from each YouTube participant, with the “hero” video garnering over 17M views.

WRD 2019: Dear Refugees 

This award-winning video was produced with Big Spaceship and was one of IRC’s most viral videos.

WRD 2020: Refugees Are Essential

Working with Big Spaceship, the video centerpiece emphasized that refugees were also essential during COVID.

WRD 2021: Refugees Are Courageous

Situation Interactive helped produce this award-winning video which focused on refugee artists and the guts it takes to pursue your passion.

Cing Cing Cing


Produced with the National Urban League, this video looks at how next generation refugees adapt.


This award winning video produced with Smarty Pants tells the story of the Refugee Summer Youth Academy through the eyes of Zain, a refugee from Pakistan.



Produced in-house and filmed on my iphone. If the story is compelling enough an iphone can do it!

Mandy Patinkin visits Lesbos Greece

This was the first video that was “hosted” by Mandy Patinkin and went viral within a day (over 7M on FB). Produced in-house, it captured the frustration that many people felt during the early days of refugees arriving in Greece.

Escaping Syria

This award winning short film follows four Syrian families as they adapted to their new homes. This was produced in-house and was screened nationwide at events to raise awareness of the Syrian crisis and IRC’s role.


American Graduate Day

In 2012 I was the Executive Producer, Producer and Writer for a live seven-hour national multi-platform outreach event on the high school dropout crisis for PBS/WNET (broadcast 9/22/2012). I developed and created the template and content for this unprecedented initiative, which was hosted by an incredible array of journalists. To find out more read this article from the New York Times.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs

As a creative consultant for Saatchi & Saatchi’s pet care clients’ media products in 2010 - 2012 I helped develop and oversee editorial content, ensuring that it’s entertaining and reflected the brand. A branded series “Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs” that I supervised, complimented a marketing campaign about the extraordinary nature of dogs. The critically acclaimed and successful series was seen globally in over a hundred countries resulting in an increase in sales.

National Geographic

Nature’s Greatest Defender


A 2009 National Geographic film, “Nature’s Greatest Defender”, produced with The Really Interesting Picture Co., profiles the life and work of world-renowned conservationist Dr. George Schaller.